Saturday, August 23, 2008


Picture Explanation (Because they're in random order)
1.  This is one of the Skellig islands, but it is a bird sanctuary.  It's this huge rock jutting out of the sea, literally swarming with bird.
2.  This man was the captain of our boat that took us out into the Atlantic to Skellig Michael (the island with the monastic site)
3.  This is where we picnicked on Thursday afternoon.  It was gorgeous!
4.  This is me and Kate Meredith (one of my roommates in Upland)
5.  Gallarus, the ancient church/oratory we visited on Thursday
6. The Gap of Dunlow.  We hiked between these two mountains following the river.  It looked like a scene out of Lord of the Rings
7.  Some of the FISP students enjoying the view during their hike.  They are looking down at #6
8&9.  The boats that took us out to where we started the hike through the Gap of Dunlow.

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