Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well, I'm still up from my last post running on 2 hours of sleep on the bus on the way to O'Hare and about an hour of sleep on the plane.  Which makes about 30 hours straight we've been up.... let's just say that things have been getting interesting around here.  It's almost time to go to bed again so that our internal clocks will switch over to Ireland time.

Our flight over was smooth, even though we took off from Newark about an hour and a half late.  We only lost one bag on the flight between 33 people, so that was pretty good.  After landing, we loaded our luggage onto the bus, met our bus driver, Brian.  Then, we went to go see the Muckross House, a beautiful old house with a giant garden.  The gardens were absolutely gorgeous, one of the most beautiful and calming places I have ever seen.  The house itself reminded me of the chateau from Cinderella.

Afterward, we checked into our hotel the McSweeney Arms Hotel (yes, it does have the best name ever!)  Finally, I went out with a group of six to dinner in a pub where I had traditional Irish stew.  A bit bland but still very good and filling.  Right now I'm just so over-tired, I really need to go to be now.  Well good night!


sugarcookielady said...

So glad that you are there safely. Take lots of pictures. I think you must be tired b/c your last statement was, "I need to go to be". Did you mean go to bed??
Praying for you!

Anonymous said...


-Lauren L

GAL said...

Hi Jess...great to hear how the past week has gone. I'm home, so was able to register to comment (didn't try that from Gma's computer!). Hope you had a sound night's sleep, GAL (great aunt Lynette).