Monday, September 1, 2008

Homework Day

We spent the whole day doing homework today.  I read two chapters in my Irish History textbook, which took forever, and then I finished up my Mere Christianity summary for Foundations of Christian Thought.  Next, I'll be tackling my Art as an Experience textbook, which is about as interesting as watching paint dry.  If I'm able to finish that tonight, I can start the two page reaction paper and then finally begin my take-home test for Dr. Cosgrove.  Let's just say that this week will be devoted to homework.

Today, my entire apartment spent the day reading and doing homework with a guy's apartment from Eris Gratton, the apartment complex across the street.  Tonight, we're planning to lay low and catch up on some sleep.  I had a delicious dark chocolate Magnum bar for dessert (if you don't know what Magnum bars are, you're really missing out).  Tomorrow will probably be another homework day, though I might take an hour or two out to go to An Tobar Nua, a cafe in town run by two missionaries.  It's an awesome place to hang out, and the food is delicious.  It also has a book store attached.

Anyway, those are our plans for the next couple days.  Kind of boring, I know, but that's what is going down.

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