Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We're Here!

Well, we've all settled down into life at the Y in Greystones!  I'm definitely loving it here, though the rooms are small and the building is extremely old.  I'm rooming with Lauren Sparks, which I am extremely excited about.  We're both rather quiet and love to read, so the rooming situation works out really well.

The YWCA, called Coolnegreina, is this old building that was built around 1850.  It's clean, but very old and cozy.  My room is about 7-8 feet wide and about 15 feet long, but we only have two people in it.  We have several common rooms that are a lot of fun to hang out in, and do homework in.  In one room, every night at 8:30, they watch Gilmore Girls.  Tonight, we have our Living Cross-Culturally class from 8:00-10:00.  Tomorrow is a study day, with a memorial service for Sept. 11, and Friday, we have a scavenger hunt in Dublin.  I'm really excited for that.

The Y is about 25 feet from the road that runs along the Irish sea, and I love taking long walks there every day (except when it rains all day like today).  Yesterday, we had a memorial service for a friend of one of the FISP students who passed away in the states.  Karolyn, the FISP student, had known him from high school and found out about his death the night before we left for Greystones.  It was a powerful time for everyone, especially those that had lost friend in the past, and everyone lit a candle for Daniel.  If you could just keep the FISP student here and the family back home in your prayers.

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