Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back Online Again!

The internet here at the Y has been going in and out, but we have steady service for now... Hopefully it will stay that way. Things have been going pretty normally around here after the profs left last Saturday. I cooked all weekend because it was my group's turn to do the weekend meals. Saturday night I went with another friend to help out a this place called the Lighthouse Mission. They give a free meal along with clothes and other things out to the homeless of Dublin on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you guys back home could pray for them, they would really appreciate it. They're trying to build new facilities so that they can offer more, but they still need a lot of funding.

Since then, I've just been doing homework and hanging out at the Y, except for yesterday. My friend, Katie Moore, and I decided we wanted to go to Dublin Zoo, so we headed out on the Dart to Phoenix Park, where the zoo is. Easy, right? Not exactly. The Dart ride there took forever, and then we got off in the middle of corn fields. Phoenix Park was about a 15 minute walk from the station. Then we walked for 2-3 miles through the park itself towards the zoo. By that time, we didn't have enough time to actually go into the zoo because we had Irish dance class at four. So we slowly made our way back using multiple modes of Public transportation as the Dart broke down and such... It was a fun adventure, even though we didn't actually get to go into the zoo.

Tomorrow we're heading off on another trip to Hook Lighthouse and some other places. I'm not exactly sure where, but it should be fun. Our Art as an Experience final is due on Friday, and then we have a Halloween Party. We're all attending this party with different roles to play in an Italian mobster family, so it should be great fun. In the game, we're trying to solve who killed the head of the family, and I play his daughter Angel. I'm definitely looking forward to it. The costumes should be just as outrageous as 80's night.

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