Thursday, October 2, 2008

Raining Sideways

I decided to post again because I really, really do not want to continue doing my homework.  It's a pretty stormy day her in Greystones.  About five minutes ago, the rain was coming down sideways because of the high winds.  Now, it's sunny and beautiful... the weather changes extremely quickly in Ireland.  Since the parents have left and we are getting back to a more normal schedule, we have gotten a lot of homework as well.  I've been working all day on my Book of Kells and National Museum study guide which as been about as interesting as watching paint dry. (Weather update: It is now both sunny and raining sideways.  I should go look for a rainbow)  But studying with my roommate Lauren makes it a lot more interesting.

I should probably tell you a little bit about Lauren.  We first roomed together at Taylor for a week, and discovered our shared love for C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of the Narnia.  Then, we found out we would be rooming together here at the Y, and that was very exciting!  Our room is very tiny and narrow, and usually a complete mess because Lauren is even messier than I am!  But we have a blast together, and have started completing each other's sentences at times, which is a little scary.  Hopefully we'll be able to room together at Taylor next semester.  We'll have to see.  But in all seriousness, Lauren is a gift from God.  I wasn't sure about how I would get along with a roommate after never sharing a room in my life, but we have pretty much the same sleeping schedule and disposition.  I'm really loving getting to know her more!

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