Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back in Greystones

I arrived back on Friday and have been doing homework and cooking group since then.  Today though, got to interview a family from church, which was fantastic.  They made this amazing meal of potatoes, carrots, lamb, and ratatouille (yes, like the movie).  The food was delicious, with good warm tea and an excellent dessert.  The conversation was even better.  I think we talked for about three hours in their home.  I am definitely going to miss this family as I prepare to head back to the states.

On that topic, we're all scrambling to get the most out of our last few days here in Ireland.  I'm really going to miss this country (and their amazing tea!) but I'm also excited to get back to family and friend in the States.  It'll be interesting to get back to the states with a whole new government on its way.  I definitely got a whole new perspective being overseas for the election.  Anyway, these are rather rambling reflections on my time here in Ireland, and I need to get into the kitchen.  So if you want to hear more about my time and the things I've learned over here, we can set up a tea-time.  And I can introduce you to the wonder that is Irish tea.

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