Monday, November 17, 2008

Last Post from Ireland

This will be my last post from this side of the Atlantic Ocean!  Today, I got up early and walked with the Egan's and their dogs.  They then had us over for tea and toast.  After that, we headed up into Dublin for some last minute shopping.  Chadd, Lauren, and I hit O'Connell Street, the main street in Dublin, and then hopped on the Dart to head up to a farther stop, Malahide.  We walked into this beautiful park.  This lovely path wind through this woods to an amazing park that would totally be illegal in the States.  There was this gigantic rope-thing to climb, this giant see-saw, tire-swing thing, and a really long glider thing.  I can't really describe the equipment well because we don't have anything like it in the States.  It was a lot of fun.

We headed back down to Greystones for our last dance class at 4:00.  Some other Fispers got off the dart at every stop and took a quick picture under the sign there... the people thought we were crazy, but hey, we'll be out of the county by tomorrow.  Then, we had our last dinner at the Y with dessert!  Very good.  I'm all packed and ready to go.  I'll see everyone in just about 24 hours!

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