Monday, November 17, 2008

Last Day

Lauren and I are all packed up and checked out of our room, though we will still sleep there tonight.  Our room looks so bare without all the decorations.  We also seem to have a lot more room than I though!  Yesterday we made the rounds saying goodbye to the people at church.  We went over to the Egans for tea and then to Gwen and Monty's house for dinner.  Chapel that night was amazing, very powerful with God's hand over it.  Today, we went to the Egan's house for an early morning walk with them and their dogs and tea later on.  I'm really going to miss that family.  They were so quick to take us into their church, their home, and their lives.  That church was really an answer to prayer while I was here.

Today the plan is to go to Dublin again, and then hit dance class at 4:00.  Ugh.  I really don't like dance class!  After that, it'll be saying goodbye to Greystones, our last Y dinner, and going to bed.  We have to up by 4/4:30 tomorrow!

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